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2009 Press Releases

Dr. Aryeh Shander to Facilitate Worldwide Conference on Transfusion Outcomes


Aryeh Shander, MD, Chief of Anesthesiology, Critical Care Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center and an internationally respected expert in patient blood management, has been chosen to facilitate the 1st International Consensus Conference on Transfusion and Outcomes (ICCTO). Dr. Shander serves as Executive Medical Director of Englewood Hospital’s Institute for Patient Blood Management and Bloodless Medicine and Surgery, which marks its 15th anniversary this year.

Patient blood management is an initiative seeks to reduce the risks and costs associated with blood transfusion by providing effective alternatives that have been shown to improve patient outcomes.

At the ICCTO, which takes place this April in Phoenix, leading physicians and scientists from around the world will gather to review more than 40,000 articles and case studies on blood transfusions to arrive at a consensus about transfusion and its relation to patient outcomes. The overwhelming majority of evidence supports the view that, rather than being the benign procedure many view it as, blood transfusion is associated with increased risk of infection and medical complications.

“We hope the conference findings of the ICCTO will help all physicians and the public become aware of the many negative outcomes associated with transfusion, including increased complications and death rates among patients receiving transfusions,” said Dr. Shander. “The time has come for the medical community at large to use patient blood management to improve patient outcomes by avoiding unwarranted and unnecessary blood transfusions.”

Key opinion leaders from the fields of anesthesiology, intensive care, hematology, oncology, surgery, and patient blood management will participate in the conference. Monitoring the proceedings will be representatives from the Food and Drug Administration, the American Red Cross, and the Joint Commission, as well as other organizations.

Participants will analyze the literature based on Bradford Hill’s Criteria of Causation, the same protocol used in the 1960s to show an association between cigarette smoking and such diseases as lung cancer and emphysema.

About Aryeh Shander, MD:
Chief of Anesthesiology, Critical Care Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, Aryeh Shander, MD, is Executive Medical Director of the Medical Center’s Institute for Patient Blood Management, which seeks to improve patient outcomes through the effective management of blood. Dr. Shander is an internationally respected expert and has authored numerous books and studies on blood management. He lectures in the U.S. and abroad and is a founding member of the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management (SABM).