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2009 Press Releases

No Generation Gap Here


Nothing is more joyous than the sound of young voices singing in hope.

Thanks to one volunteer, Demarest resident Debbie Slevin, a professional director and producer, a group of young people most aptly named Voices of Hope will sing in tribute to the partnership between Englewood Hospital and the people it serves.

The concert was conceived in a rather serendipitous fashion when Slevin approached Margaret C. Bridge, executive vice president, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center Foundation, about volunteering. The result—a volunteer youth ensemble to perform at the Foundation’s annual Black Tie Gala scheduled for May 9, 2009 at the Rockleigh Country Club.

“When we decided to do the original production, I had in mind our ties to the community,” said Bridge. We rely on the community to use and support the hospital; we look to it for patients and contributions. Our part is to provide quality care. It’s a two-way street. Providing quality service to the community is both our mission and our life’s blood. Without quality care, people would go elsewhere.

“Our young people are our future in a very real way – they will be future patients and perhaps future trustees and future employees. What a pleasure to be able to showcase the talent and spirit of these fine young people!”

With Bernie Koster as the evening’s honoree, it was a perfect plan.

“Bernie Koster embodies the kind of partnership between the community and the hospital that has made it strong today and will ensure its bright future,” explains Medical Center President and CEO Douglas A. Duchak.