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2009 Press Releases

Dr. Francis Forte Recognized as Exemplary Citizen of Tenafly and World


The Borough of Tenafly, NJ has recognized resident Dr. Francis A. Forte for his numerous and important contributions toward a healthier, happier world.

Mayor Peter Rustin did the honors on January 3, 2009 as council members and guests looked on, all smiling broadly. The mayor spoke about the physician-humanitarian’s service to others, locally and well beyond the borders of the town, and then presented a plaque bearing a moving inscription: One Earth, One Family, Alone<>Together, One Hope, One Chance, Peace, Now and Forever.

“Dr. Frank Forte serves as a wonderful example of how one person can make a difference in today's world,” explained Mayor Rustin. “It benefits the entire community when we take time out to recognize the efforts of those special people we are lucky enough to have as our neighbors.”
Dr. Forte moved to Tenafly in 1971, where he and his wife, Marie, raised three sons, Joseph, Francis and Gregory. Dr. Forte joined the staff of Englewood Hospital in 1972 and soon became one of its most respected and beloved doctors. He is known for providing, with great compassion, exceptional care to his patients, many of whom have cancer. He also specializes in the treatment of blood disorders.

Dr. Forte is an accomplished jazz guitarist who plays professionally despite a busy schedule with the hematology/oncology practice of Drs. Forte, Schleider, Attas, Condemi & Morrison. Dr. Forte is also the founder and director of a unique program inspired by the wishes of Dizzy Gillespie during the last months of his life. The famed trumpeter asked that Dr. Forte and the hospital care for jazz musicians who cannot afford healthcare. The physician, dozens of his colleagues and the hospital have provided free care to more than 1,000 musicians since 1993. The Jazz Foundation of America assists musicians in accessing the services.

"I was honored and happy to accept an award from my own town, and accepted it on behalf of all the people who made it possible,” said Dr. Forte. “That includes the visionary Dizzy, the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center administrative and governing people, the volunteer docs who represent every specialty, and the Jazz Foundation. I can' t forget my partners who have been so generous in allowing our practice to do this.

“Let's not forget the patients themselves who trust us, and that while we are helping them, we learn so much about life,” he continued.
The council meeting was followed by a reception and music by bassist Kermit Driscoll, guitarist Glenn Alexander and drummer Terry Silverlight. The trio’s passionate performance conveyed the good wishes, gratitude and love of jazz musicians from around the world.