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2009 Press Releases



EHMC Recognized for Excellence in Cardiac Care -- Ranked #2 in New Jersey by CareChex®

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center has been recognized as a top cardiac care hospital, ranked #2 in the state of New Jersey, by CareChex®, a division of The Delta Group, a leading healthcare information services and consulting company. The Delta Group recognized Englewood Hospital in its CareChex 2009 release of America’s Top Quality Hospitals. 

Englewood Hospital was awarded the highest quality rating in the cardiac care clinical category. This includes recognition for medical excellence in treating medical conditions such as heart attack, heart failure, chest pain, and atherosclerosis and non-major surgeries such as angioplasty, stents, and pacemaker implants performed in the inpatient setting.

“We are honored to continue to receive recognition from independent ratings companies like CareChex for providing our patients the highest level of quality care,” said Douglas Duchak, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center president and chief executive officer. “Our caregivers are dedicated to providing this level of care to every patient.”

“Our cardiac patients receive extraordinary treatment from a team of exceptional cardiology experts,” said Richard Goldweit, MD, FACC, Chief of Cardiology and Director of Interventional Cardiology for Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. “Our cardiac program is consistently ranked among the state’s and country’s best because the team is so dedicated to top-notch patient care and outcomes.”

The CareChex award is one of many cardiac excellence achievements and recognitions earned by the Medical Center. Englewood Hospital was recognized among the top three hospitals in the U.S. for the lowest heart attack mortality rate, according to statistics from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released in 2009.  The data showed that heart attack patients with Medicare coverage who received treatment at Englewood Hospital had a better chance of surviving over a 30-day period than those treated at any other hospital in New Jersey. According to the data, Englewood Hospital’s 30-day mortality rate for heart attack patients was 12.4 percent—significantly better than the national average of 16.1 percent cited by the CMS study.  Additionally, the Medical Center has been the only hospital in New Jersey year after year with a 0.00% mortality rate for coronary bypass surgery as defined by the Department of Health and Senior Services Cardiac Surgery in NJ report. These results have been accomplished with one of the lowest average lengths of stay in the state, another measure of the quality outcomes achieved by the hospital.

Dr. Goldweit believes that Englewood Hospital’s internationally recognized bloodless medicine and surgery program is among the key explanations for its outstanding cardiac outcomes. “Data indicates that bleeding and transfusion tend to compromise the survival of these patients. At Englewood Hospital, transfusion and blood loss in cardiac patients is minimized through a host of advanced techniques,” he stated.  “Patient blood management is essential to excellence in cardiac care and helps define best medical practice.”