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Contact: Maria Margiotta

For Immediate Release

EHMC Statement on 10/19 Public Hearing

Englewood, NJ, October 19, 2011 – We expect a well-orchestrated turnout by the employees of HUMC, local supporters and residents from the Westwood area at today’s public hearing. We suspect if you were considering a new hospital in any town, a similar supportive crowd would turn out. However, pep rallies and large community demonstrations of support cannot be considered under New Jersey law as a factor in determining if a Certificate of Need (CN) should be issued.

The proposed opening of a new hospital in Westwood fails the two most important CN criteria under the laws of the State of New Jersey.  First, a need for hospital beds must be demonstrated.  Based upon the proven existing oversupply of vacant, staffed, hospital beds throughout Bergen County, clearly no such need exists.   Second, the Commissioner is not permitted to issue a CN if it will cause financial harm to existing hospitals. It is beyond dispute that Englewood, Holy Name and Valley hospitals would be harmed if a new hospital was to open in Westwood.  Additionally, the issuance of a CN would require the Department of Health to negate and ignore the findings of the Reinhardt Commission, the Lewin report, the Urban Health Institute report and other data they found so compelling on two prior occasions when those facts were relied on for the closing of PVH and a second time when Hackensack UMC’s prior request for a CN in Westwood was about to be denied. One cannot wonder what has changed to reverse the findings and warrant the legal issuance of a CN.

HUMC has committed to a satellite emergency department in Westwood. This is a good plan and Englewood Hospital and other Bergen County hospitals have publicly stated support for it. But to open a new acute care hospital in Westwood because of political and community support makes a mockery of the regulatory CN process.  The all but announced decision to open a new hospital in Westwood flies in the face of the findings of the Reinhardt Commission and will only serve to weaken the existing hospitals that have so ably served the residents of Bergen County for almost four years since the PVH closing.  Indeed, we are not aware of any negative patient outcomes that were the result of the closed PVH.

We urge the Commissioner and the State’s Health Planning Board to heed the conclusions of their previous findings and independent reports regarding this issue and to consider the healthcare needs of all residents of Bergen County. The right thing – and only thing - to do is to support the newly established strength of existing Bergen County acute care hospitals by adhering to the CN regulations and denying this application.

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Englewood Hospital and Medical Center provides the highest level of compassionate, patient care and safety through a broad range of advanced clinical programs, treatments and diagnostic services. It is renowned for its bloodless medicine and surgery program, cardiac and vascular programs and its leadership in breast care, oncology and joint replacement services. Through its affiliation with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the Mount Sinai Consortium for Graduate Medical Education, this acute-care and community teaching hospital trains medical residents in many disciplines, including internal medicine, critical care medicine, surgery, pediatrics, podiatry, and pathology.  Its Vascular Fellowship Program has trained a generation of world-class vascular surgeons.  Additionally, many members of Englewood Hospital’s medical staff serve as faculty at Mount Sinai. Englewood Hospital has earned numerous awards and accreditations from the Joint Commission, J.D. Power and Associates, HealthGrades, and other organizations.  Englewood Hospital is among the six percent of hospitals nationwide honored by the American Nurses Credentialing Center with the prestigious Magnet™ status, the highest recognition for nursing excellence - a distinction earned three consecutive times by our nursing staff.