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New Study: Children and Teens Have Difficulty Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center Launches Prevention Program for Youth

(Englewood, NJ, May 7, 2012) - Alarming, new research reveals children and teens with Type 2 Diabetes face major challenges in managing the disease, which can be life-threatening, if uncontrolled.

The study appears in The New England Journal of Medicine and is one of the first to examine how to best treat the disease in younger patients. Researchers tracked the progress of nearly 700 boys and girls, ages 10-17, over the course of four years.

One group took metformin alone - the only diabetes pill approved for children. Another group took metformin with Avandia - a tablet used to treat adult diabetes. A third group combined metformin with lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise. The results suggest children and teens with Type 2 Diabetes cannot rely on a single pill or approach to effectively treat the disease.

“No real surprise here, as most adults with Type 2 Diabetes require more than one medication to control their blood sugar,” says Dr. Joseph Schwartz, MD, Chief of Endocrinology at Englewood Hospital.

While kids on the double-drug treatment had better blood sugar control than the other two groups, experts say the best combination of medications for younger patients is not yet known.

“We do not have the same access to medications for children as we do for adults, due to the lack of studies and FDA approvals,” explains Dr. Schwartz. “Children and teens with poor blood sugar control have an increased risk of long-term complications, such as kidney disease and eye disease.”

The study also underscores the importance of prevention. Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is leading that charge - launching a new, five-week program geared towards preventing Type 2 Diabetes in kids. “Healthy Habits” begins May 30 and is open to children, ages 7-12.

“These sessions offer children and their families a hands-on learning experience focused on the importance of exercise, healthy food choices and portion control,” says Michelle Brauntuch, M.S., CCLS, Child Life Specialist and “Healthy Habits” Program Coordinator at Englewood Hospital.

To register for this free program, call (201)894-3635 or visit www.englewoodhospital.com and click on “Class and Event Registration.”

To learn more about how Englewood Hospital’s Diabetes Self-Management Program can help you or someone you know, call (201)894-3335.

Source: HealthDay


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