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Reiki Introduced at Englewood Hospital

Gentle Healing Method Enhances Conventional Cancer Treatments

A patient undergoing chemotherapy receives a free Reiki session during treatment at Englewood Hospital’s Infusion Center courtesy of Reiki Master Practitioner Karen Lazarovic. (Photo courtesy of Englewood Hospital)

(Englewood, NJ, June 25, 2012) – Englewood Hospital and Medical Center now offers the nearly 100-year-old Japanese healing art of Reiki as part of its multidisciplinary approach to cancer care and ongoing commitment to improving the patient experience.

The word Reiki translates to “universal life-force energy” and focuses on the health and wellness of the mind, body and spirit as a whole. Treatments promote relaxation and reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue through light touching. The American Cancer Society recognizes Reiki as a complementary therapy for cancer patients of any age. Recent medical studies suggest Reiki reduces pain, increases mobility and improves immune and nervous system functions, among other things.

“Reiki is a wonderful way to support the body’s healing and this free service has been so well received by our patients undergoing chemotherapy or other treatments in the Infusion Center,” said Dr. Julie Taw, MD, Medical Director for The Center for Integrative Healing at Englewood Hospital. “Many patients report a significant decline in stress, anxiety and fatigue after Reiki.”

Inpatient and outpatient infusion patients may request to supplement conventional medical treatment with the free Reiki sessions offered by Reiki Master Practitioner Karen Lazarovic, who recently joined Englewood Hospital in response to a growing patient demand for this treatment. During Reiki sessions, Lazarovic places her hands on various “energy centers” of the body, beginning with the head, eyes and ears. Soothing music and serene images from the televisions in the individual patient areas help create a relaxing ambience for patients who generally experience very high stress levels as a result of their illness. Lazarovic says patients often report feeling an immediate difference in their bodies after a Reiki treatment, with stress levels dropping dramatically.

Fatigue also declines as the body receives energy from the Reiki treatment. “Collarbones are a definite energy center,” noted Lazarovic. “I had one breast cancer patient who immediately felt an opening of energy in her chest when I touched her collarbones.”

According to a recent survey from the American Hospital Association, 42-percent of hospitals now offer at least one type of complementary treatment to patients. Englewood Hospital recognizes the benefits of alternative therapy, not only through Reiki, but a wide range of other support services available to patients in the Infusion Center:

· Therapeutic Massage: Oncology certified therapists with The Center for Integrative Healing offer this free service to patients through a grant, given by a breast cancer survivor who was treated at the Infusion Center.

· Artist in Residence Program: Artist Sarah Wolfe works with oncology patients and staff, sharing her enthusiasm for art and creative talents. Englewood Hospital is the only hospital in New Jersey participating in this weekly program.

· Craft Therapy: Volunteers provide knitting lessons to patients on a weekly basis, using donated supplies. The patients are able to take those supplies home to complete their projects.

“The variety of our holistic services truly aligns with Englewood Hospital’s mission to provide humanistic, compassionate care to our patients,” said Felicia Callagy, Program Coordinator for The Center for Integrative Healing. “We are not simply treating a disease. We are focused on treating the whole patient – body and mind.”

For information about The Center for Integrative Healing services or how Reiki can benefit you or a loved one, call 201-894-3998, or visit www.englewoodhospital.com.

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