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2012 Press Releases

New Jersey’s First Stroke Prevention Device
Implanted in Patient at Englewood Hospital

The WATCHMAN® Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device may provide an alternative treatment to medication therapy for patients who have a high risk of clot-related strokes. (Photos Courtesy of Englewood Hospital.)

(Englewood, NJ, June 28, 2012) – Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is the only hospital in New Jersey with access to a new, investigational device developed to lower the risk of stroke in patients with an irregular heartbeat who require blood thinning medications.

Grant Simons, MD, Chief of Cardiac Electrophysiology at Englewood Hospital recently performed the state’s first implant of the Watchman® device, as part of a national clinical trial involving this alternative treatment method.

“This is an exciting innovation in the treatment of arrhythmia and stroke,” said Dr. Simons. “The adoption of this procedure and technology may greatly reduce the need for blood thinning medications and decrease the number of strokes in this at-risk patient population.”

The Watchman® device is designed to work as a safety net, catching any potentially deadly blood clots that may form in the heart and enter the blood stream. This issue is especially prevalent among patients with a common arrhythmia disorder called Atrial Fibrillation (AF), which affects more than five million people in the United States. AF causes blood to pool in the upper chambers of the heart, which sometimes leads to the formation of clots that can break loose and travel up to the brain, ultimately resulting in a stroke.

“The ability to block blood clots without major surgery potentially provides a number of benefits to our patients with atrial fibrillation who are at increased risk of suffering a stroke,” noted Dr. Simons. “We are pleased to offer our patients this investigational device as part of a multi-center clinical trial.”

The Watchman® device is implanted through a small incision in the groin and is then guided through a catheter up into a patient’s heart where it can filter potential blood clots. This minimally invasive procedure helps reduce pain and expedite healing.

The Arrhythmia Center
For more Information about Electrophysiology Services at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center visit bestheartdocs.com or call  201-894-3533

The Arrhythmia Center at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is led by a team of cardiac electrophysiologists who use advanced computer mapping systems to visualize real-time images of the electrical activity within a patient’s heart. These new mapping technologies include phased-array intracardiac ultrasound and both contact and non-contact mapping, all of which improve the efficacy of diagnosis and safety of subsequent treatment. This information is used to pinpoint the location of normal and abnormal heartbeats— information vital to treating arrhythmias.

The Arrhythmia Center is one of the few centers that treat atrial fibrillation with catheter-based procedures—those that utilize long flexible wires placed within the heart in an attempt to stop the arrhythmia at its source. In many cases, this technology cures troublesome arrhythmia. The center is one of the few in the tri-state area to use cryoablation for the treatment of certain arrhythmias. It also provides the latest implantable cardioverter devices (ICD) and pacemakers.

The Arrhythmia Center offers patients the latest in robotic treatment of arrhythmia using the Sensei® Robotic Catheter System. A highly specialized tool used for catheter-based mapping within the chambers of a patient’s heart, the Sensei System allows for more precise and stable catheter manipulation during complex cardiac procedures. Englewood Hospital and Medical Center was the first facility in New Jersey to offer this technology.

About Englewood Hospital and Medical Center
Englewood Hospital and Medical Center provides the highest level of compassionate, patient care and safety through a broad range of advanced clinical programs, treatments and diagnostic services. It is renowned for its bloodless medicine and surgery program, cardiac and vascular programs and its leadership in breast care, oncology and joint replacement services. Through its affiliation with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the Mount Sinai Consortium for Graduate Medical Education, this acute-care and community teaching hospital trains medical residents in many disciplines, including internal medicine, critical care medicine, surgery, pediatrics, podiatry, and pathology.  Its Vascular Fellowship Program has trained a generation of world-class vascular surgeons.  Additionally, many members of Englewood Hospital’s medical staff serve as faculty at Mount Sinai. Englewood Hospital has earned numerous accreditations from the Joint Commission and other organizations and is among the four percent of hospitals nationwide honored with the prestigious Magnet nursing award, a distinction that has been earned three times by its nursing staff.