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World-Renowned Breast Care Services of Englewood Hospital Expand to New Location

-Advanced Medical Imaging Celebrates Grand Re-Opening

Advanced Medical Imaging’s Mammography Technologist, Casey Palumbo R.T.(R)(M)(QM), positions a patient for her digital mammography exam. Digital mammography takes an electronic image of the breast and stores it directly into the computer. This advanced technology uses less radiation than film mammography and comes equipped with specialized software, designed to help improve how radiologists interpret digital mammograms.

(Englewood, NJ, September 19, 2012) – Advanced Medical Imaging (AMI) of Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in Emerson, New Jersey is proud to announce a grand-reopening after expanding to offer patients the Medical Center’s world-renowned breast care services and expertise.

Patients will now receive many of the same comprehensive and advanced services available at Englewood Hospital’s Leslie Simon Breast Care and Cytodiagnosis Center, which has been recognized by Congress as a national model for the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.

“The decision to extend these services was made to better accommodate our patients, who continue to be the Medical Center’s number one focus,” said Mark Shapiro, MD, Chief of Radiology at Englewood Hospital and Medical Director of AMI. “We are committed to delivering the same quality, individualized care our patients have come to appreciate over the years as an imaging partner with Englewood Hospital.”

AMI now offers same or next-day screening and diagnostic mammograms and same-day results, allowing patients to receive convenient follow-up care while on-site. A Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner is on hand to collect a thorough medical and family history and perform a clinical breast exam. Risk assessment and genetic counseling and testing are available as well. AMI is equipped with the latest in imaging technology, designed to offer patients high-quality results with a more advanced, efficient and comfortable experience.

“We understand the anxiety that can come with waiting on diagnostic results for certain conditions and diseases such as breast cancer,” said Miguel Sanchez, MD, Chief of Pathology at Englewood Hospital. “We aim to obtain the most clear, detailed images possible for optimal reading so that diagnoses are delivered as quickly as possible, with most reports provided to physicians within 24 to 48 hours.”

A new, state-of-the-art stereotactic biopsy table provides a more effective, less invasive procedure, using x-rays to guide radiologists to the precise location of the suspicious area of the breast. This allows for a small tissue sample to be taken without surgery. The process lasts just 30 seconds in an effort to eliminate pain and stress for patients.

Other services include:

· Breast ultrasound: A breast ultrasound uses sound waves to take images of tissue inside the breast without the use of radiation. This helps to determine whether a lump or mass is filled with fluid or if it is a solid mass.

· Ultrasound-guided fine needle aspirations: A biopsy performed with an ultrasound to locate a lump or mass in the breast, using a fine needle to remove a tissue sample.

· Ultrasound-guided core biopsies: A biopsy performed with an ultrasound to locate a lump or mass in the breast, using a large, hollow needle to remove a tissue sample.

· Fine needle aspirations of palpable or non-palpable lesions: A very small needle is used to extract fluid or cells from a lump or mass in the breast or thyroid, previously detected by palpation or routine mammogram screening.

Also new are virtual colonoscopy, echocardiogram, an advanced 64-slice CT scan, and a state-of-the-art bone density machine. These supplement the existing suite of MRI, CT, ultrasound, and x-ray technologies.

“We are extremely proud to provide patients with the best in imaging technology and quick turnaround times,” said, Kelly Conzo, Administrative Director of AMI. “Patients will also enjoy the comfort of our renovated office setting, including new patient registration and waiting areas. We also are proud to offer a wide range of other comprehensive radiologic and diagnostic services.”

AMI of Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is located at 452 Old Hook Road, Suite 301, Emerson, NJ. Office hours are Mon.-Thurs., 7:30am - 8:00pm, Fri., 7:30am - 5:30pm, and Sat., 8:00am - 2:00pm. To schedule an appointment, call (201) 262-0001. For more information about AMI and its services or to see a virtual tour of the enhanced facility, visit www.englewoodhospital.com.

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Englewood Hospital and Medical Center provides the highest level of compassionate, patient care and safety through a broad range of advanced clinical programs, treatments and diagnostic services. It is renowned for its bloodless medicine and surgery program, cardiac and vascular programs and its leadership in breast care, oncology and joint replacement services. Through its affiliation with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the Mount Sinai Consortium for Graduate Medical Education, this acute-care and community teaching hospital trains medical residents in many disciplines, including internal medicine, critical care medicine, surgery, pediatrics, podiatry, and pathology.  Its Vascular Fellowship Program has trained a generation of world-class vascular surgeons.  Additionally, many members of Englewood Hospital’s medical staff serve as faculty at Mount Sinai. Englewood Hospital has earned numerous accreditations from the Joint Commission and other organizations and is among the four percent of hospitals nationwide honored with the prestigious Magnet nursing award, a distinction that has been earned three times by its nursing staff.