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New Sleep Poll Highlights Benefits of Exercise Before Bedtime

- Englewood Hospital Brings Attention to Sleep Disorders during National Sleep Awareness Week-

(Englewood, NJ, March 8, 2013) – The key to a good night’s sleep may be a good workout. That’s according to the National Sleep Foundation's 2013 “Sleep in America” poll, which revealed that people who exercised before bedtime reported sleeping better than those who did not exercise.

The annual survey’s release coincides with National Sleep Awareness Week, which wraps up with the arrival of Daylight Savings Time on March 10, when Americans move their clocks forward and lose an hour of sleep.

This year’s data focused on the relationship between physical activity and sleep. Participants were asked to classify their workouts based on four different levels of intensity: vigorous, moderate, light, and no activity. The poll also revealed exercising right before bed - or earlier in the day – did not affect a person’s quality of sleep, as previously thought.

Jeff Salizzoni, MD, sleep specialist at The Center for Sleep Medicine at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center says the new poll enhances what experts have long known about the benefits of exercise and sleep.

“Once again, we’re seeing a definitive link between sleep and physical activity,” said Dr. Salizzoni. “Exercise not only helps to boost a person’s overall health, but can leave them feeling more rested and energized. It’s clear that performance in school, work, driving and athletics can be improved with sufficient sleep.”

If you are struggling to sleep and hitting the gym does not result in uninterrupted shut-eye, the experts at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center suggest consulting with a physician or sleep specialist.

“Sleep ailments can sometimes signal potentially serious illnesses, including heart disease,” explained Dr. Salizzoni. “New research shows disrupted and insufficient sleep can negatively impact everyday body functions such as appetite, weight gain, inflammation and blood pressure. On a cellular level, how we produce new proteins may be affected as soon as one week after sleep disruption or deprivation.”

Englewood Hospital’s Center for Sleep Medicine offers a comprehensive and sophisticated diagnostic program to identify sleep disorders in pediatric and adult patients. The Sleep Medicine team includes specialists in pulmonary medicine, neurology, otolaryngology, psychiatry, and obesity who can provide a variety of non-invasive, nonessful treatments.

“Our goal is to help our patients find the source of their sleep problem so that they can experience normal, restful sleep patterns,” said Dr. Salizzoni.

Overnight stays at The Center for Sleep Medicine can be arranged any night of the week, including weekends. Each modern and private sleep room offers a comfortable, full-size mattress, a private bathroom, and soothing decor including carpeting and curtains.

If you are a loud, habitual snorer, feel tired and groggy upon awakening, experience sleepiness and fatigue during waking hours, are overweight, or tend to choke, gasp or hold your breath during sleep, you may be suffering from an undiagnosed sleep disorder. Contact The Center for Sleep Medicine at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center at 201-894-3154 or visit www.englewoodhospital.com and click on the “Medical Services” tab.

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