About Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Quality & Safety Commitment

When deciding where to receive health care, you need to feel confident that the choice is right for you. One important consideration is the quality of care. Englewood Hospital and Medical Center (EHMC) is committed to providing quality care and we are proud of our quality and safety record.
Here you will find the quality measurements we use internally and externally to assess how we are doing, how our quality of care compares to statewide and national data, and what steps we are taking to improve the care we deliver to our patients. This data should be only one factor in your decision to receive care at EHMC.


In healthcare, the term “transparency” describes a policy of medical professionals and providers openly sharing facts about their performance and background. On this webpage, we show how we have achieved a high level of quality care and safety for our patients, and in some cases, how we compare against other hospitals in NJ and throughout the United States.

Transparency helps patients make decisions about where to seek the best healthcare based on their individual needs. Another benefit of transparency is that, through comparison, it lets hospitals know the areas in which it needs to make improvements.

Specific Service Measures

At EHMC, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care and reporting publicly on our performance. Through the link below, maintained by the New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA), you will find information on how we are doing in meeting quality improvement standards in specific clinical areas including heart care, pneumonia, surgical care, etc. There is a delay in data reporting, so be aware that we are working on improvements on an ongoing basis.

NJHA’s New Jersey Hospital Compare Website

The Federal Government also offers a Hospital Compare website created through the efforts of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in collaboration with organizations representing consumers, hospitals, doctors, employers, accrediting organizations, and other Federal agencies.

US Department of Health & Human Services Website

Our Priorities for Improvement

While we are proud of the quality care we provide to patients, we understand that there are always ways we can improve our level of care. Our ongoing performance improvement programs ensure that the needs of our patients are met and that expectations of care are exceeded. By encouraging patient feedback, committing to patient satisfaction, tracking quality and safety measures, and supporting patient education, we are diligently taking every opportunity to raise your level of awareness and our level of care.