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Community Cancer Screening Outcomes


The Cancer Center at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center conducts FREE cancer screenings throughout the year to ensure every member of our community, especially the underserved and underinsured, has access to potentially life-saving care.

In 2012 and 2013, the Cancer Center conducted three cancer screenings.  These screenings, which are open to the public and free of charge, were advertised in local papers and website postings. Flyers were distributed at churches and community organizations. Additional website postings were to the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance, the American Cancer Society, and the Fight to End Prostate Cancer websites.

Patients seen at a screening event who require a referral to a specialist are contacted by an advanced nurse practitioner and assisted with scheduling an appointment.


The graphs below illustrate the impact our screenings have had in the community, and how the demand for these services continues to grow. As we are committed to the public we serve, EHMC will look to increase the number of cancer screenings we provide.

Prostate Screening

2014: 151 screened, 21 referred for follow-up

2015: 195 screened, 31 referred for follow-up

Oral, Head & Neck Cancer Screening

2014: 40 screened, 4 referred for follow-up

2015: 45 screened, 11 referred for follow-up

Skin Cancer Screening

2014: 105 screened, 25 referred for follow-up

2015: 38 screened, 6 referred for follow-up

Community Wellness
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