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Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Provider Initial Course

The Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider Initial Course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate and manage the first 10 minutes of an adult cardiac arrest. Students will learn how to manage 10 of the most common ACLS cases: respiratory emergencies, 4 types of cardiac arrest (simple Ventricular Fibrillation/Ventricular Tachycardia, complex VF/VT, Pulseless Electrical Activity and A systole), 4 types of pre-arrest emergencies (bradycardia, stable tachycardia, unstable tachycardia, and acute coronary syndromes) and stroke. This course is designed specifically for healthcare professionals who respond to a cardiac arrest / heart attack emergencies. Applicants must be able to attend both sessions scheduled.

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For any information or to register call Amy Kaplan at 201-894-3875.