Medical Services

Department of Anesthesiology: 201-894-3238

Many patients coming to our Medical Center for treatment across a wide range of medical specialties require some form of anesthesia or pain management. Our specialists ensure that this care is provided according to the highest standards.

Who Are We?

We are a medical practice specializing in Anesthesiology, Pain Management, Critical Care, and Hyperbaric Medicine. We are composed of 19 physicians and 14 nurse anesthetists. We work primarily at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, but also provide care at several other locations. We believe that we are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive care and make any medical or surgical procedure as pleasant as possible.


We specialize in dealing with all patients who need anesthesia, critical care, pain management or hyperbaric oxygen. We have personnel who are specialists in virtually all subspecialties of anesthesiology. This includes children, mothers in labor, people of geriatric age who may be very ill, and everyone in between.

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Medical Services
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