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In addition to our outstanding clinical resources and expertise Englewood Hospital provides a range of emotional, mind-body, and social support resources for patients of The Leslie Simon Breast Care and Cytodiagnosis Center and their loved ones. These include:

The Phyl’s Fund
Breast Cancer Support Program

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New Mammography Screening Center
Our new Mammography Screening Center is conveniently located immediately adjacent to the main Breast Care Center. This state-of-the-art Screening Center is equipped with three digital mammography machines, one densitometry machine, and an additional mammography exam room. A new separate waiting area affords additional space and comfort while we are able to serve more patients.

“Patient Navigator” Program
We are pleased to offer the services of our new “Patient Navigator” program, in conjunction with the American Cancer Society. The program guides newly diagnosed breast cancer patients through the diagnostic and treatment process to improve their overall patient experience. The “Navigator” will make the many programs already offered at the hospital (including guided imagery, massage, acupuncture, stress management, lymphadema therapy, child life specialist, patient to patient volunteer support, Free Wig consultations, ACS Look Good Feel Better program, and others) more easily accessible.  You can find the Patient Navigator form here.

Volunteer Survivor Program
Patients also have access to individual support through the Volunteer Survivor Program. Group members will offer comfort and assistance to one another throughout the treatment process. Through this program, we offer patients a complete support system that is focused on the entire well-being of each patient, not just the clinical aspect of diagnosis and treatment.

If you are a Breast Cancer Survivor who is interested in helping patients by participating in this program, please fill out this form and return to the Breast Center by fax at (201) 894-1722, or mail to: The Leslie Simon Breast Care Center, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, 350 Engle Street, Englewood NJ, 07631 Attn: Dawn Hegadorn.

Cancer Fatigue Management Program
Fatigue is not only the most common side effect of cancer treatment, but increases as treatment continues. The goal of this program is to help patients get off the fatigue roller coaster to regain and maintain their quality of life as they treat cancer. To schedule an appointment or to find out more call (201) 894-3707.

Clinical Trials
Clinical trials contribute to knowledge and progress against cancer. If a new treatment proves effective in a study, it may become a standard treatment that can help many patients. The Breast Care Center evaluates patients in every stage of breast cancer for participation in appropriate clinical trials. Click here for current clinical trial info. For more information call Audrey Ades, Oncology Nurse Researcher at 201-894-3603.

Lymphedema Management Program
A multidisciplinary team of therapists, surgeons, and physiatrists offer patients a comprehensive therapy program to prepare them to transition away from daily lymphedema therapy at the Medical Center. Through massage techniques, wraps, exercises, and other training, patients will learn to integrate treatment into their daily activities and be prepared for the ongoing care they will carry out for themselves once at home. To schedule an appointment or to find out more call (201) 894-3285.

Talking to Your Children About Your Breast Cancer
This half-hour VHS videotape was prepared by Child Life Specialist, Michelle Brauntuch, MS, CCLS and Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Susan DeGennaro, RN, MS to help provide guidance to patients regarding the best way to approach and speak to their children about having breast cancer. Those interested in viewing “Talking to Your Children About Breast Cancer” may arrange to see it at the Health Information Resource Center by calling 201-894-3070. Copies are also available by making a $15 donation to The Breast Cancer Video Fund. For more information call Michelle Brauntuch at (201) 894-3635.

The Center for Integrative Healing
Offering complementary therapies such as oncology massage, holistic nutrition counseling, acupuncture, stress management and more, The Center for Integrative Healing empowers you to become an active participant in your health and well-being by providing education and therapies that promote healing for your mind, body and spirit. For more information call (201) 894-3767.

The Walk for Awareness: Our Fight Against Breast Cancer
Thanks to Jill Fader, a breast cancer survivor, and her husband Paul Fader, former mayor of Englewood, the community’s Annual Walk for Awareness raised enough money to fund mammography screenings and a follow-up visit for uninsured and under-insured individuals. In order to qualify for the WFA Mammography Program you must be uninsured/under-insured, have a physician referral, be a minimum age of 35, have no current breast problems or past breast surgery, and no mammogram within the last year. If you do not have your own primary care physician, referrals are available through The Breast Care Center as part of the WFA Mammography Program. Prospective participants can seek more information by calling our Administrative Director of The Breast Care Center at (201) 894-3146.