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High Risk and Genetic Counseling

It is now possible to learn if you are at a greater risk of developing cancer compared to the general population. Our goal is to assist you and your physician in assessing your risk, preventing cancer or detecting it in the earliest, most curable stage.
Our High Risk Breast Cancer Program is a comprehensive program for women at increased risk to develop breast cancer. Our team of breast care specialists can provide you and your family members with:

  • Breast cancer risk assessment

  • A breast exam by a breast care specialist

  • Genetic counseling and testing

  • A personalized screening and prevention plan

  • Emotional support

To learn more about this program, including information on who is at risk and how genetic testing works, click here to view our brochure.

Appointments can be made by a woman or her referring physician with the patient's consent. With the patient's consent, the High Risk Breast Cancer Program will provide family physicians with up-to-date patient information.

All high risk patients visiting The Leslie Simon Breast Care and Cytodiagnosis Center will meet with our Health Risk Assessment Analyst.

For an appointment call (201) 894-3202.