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Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Services: 201-894-3512

Following a heart attack, heart surgery, and other cardiac diagnoses, our staff can help you safely resume your life’s activities.

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center's medically supervised cardiac rehabilitation program assists patients recovering from various cardiac conditions.

Whether you had heart surgery, a heart attack, angioplasty/stent, heart transplant, or suffer from stabile angina, our professional staff of cardiac nurses and exercise physiologists will lead you through a program of exercise and education, which will allow you to return to an active and healthy life.







The dedicated staff of Englewood Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program.

Nurses and exercise physiologists work closely with your cardiologist to guide you through the program. A dietitian and a diabetes educator are also available.


To participate in the program, a referral from your cardiologist is required. Your needs will be evaluated by the Cardiac Rehabilitation staff, and a personalized rehabilitation program, that is consistent with your cardiologist’s orders, will be developed.

Your Personalized Exercise Program

Your personal Cardiac Rehabilitation program helps you gradually increase your physical activity over a period of 12-18 weeks. Participants attend three one-hour sessions per week. The staff will monitor you closely and keep you informed of your progress.

The health care professionals at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center recognize the health benefits of exercise in helping prevent future health problems. Exercise usually lowers the pulse rate and blood pressure. Exercise can also control weight, increase the efficiency of your heart, and help control stress. You may also notice increased self-confidence and an improved sense of well-being.


Exercise works best in combination with education. Throughout the program, our staff discusses topics such as weight control, diet, medication, and the effects of daily stress on the heart. In addition, you and your family are welcome to meet with a dietitian to learn about the role of diet in maintaining good health. The dietitian will suggest appealing recipes and assist you in adapting your own favorite recipes so that they are heart-healthy. A diabetic educator is available to advise patients with diabetes about diet and insulin schedules.


An optional exercise program for individuals who have completed the 12-18 week monitored program is available. The maintenance program provides a comfortable and familiar setting for regular exercise.


The Cardiac Rehabilitation facility is equipped with exercise treadmills, Airdyne bikes, Monark arm ergometers, rowers, and other specialized equipment. Showers are available. Parking is free.


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00am - 5:00pm (for monitored patients)

  • Tuesday & Thursday: 7:00am – 12 noon (for maintenance patients)