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Breastfeeding Support Services   

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics human milk is the preferred method for feeding infants. Research in the United States, Canada and Europe provides strong evidence that breastfeeding decreases a number of health risks in newborns, including diarrhea, lower respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, and ear infections.

With breast milk, your baby gets the perfect amount of antibodies, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients served at the perfect temperature.  Other advantages to breastfeeding include:

Breast milk is tailored for your baby – Your breast milk constantly changes, always providing the exact nutrients your baby needs at every stage of development. From colostrums, the first milk in your breasts, up until you and your baby decide to wean, your milk contains everything your baby needs.

Protection from allergy – Your baby will be less likely to develop allergies, often caused by the strong proteins in cow’s milk.

Increased protection against asthma and other respiratory problems.

Less chance of obesity – Since breast fed babies are able to follow the demands of their appetite, breastfeeding may help reduce the chance of becoming overweight.

Reduced stomach infections for infants nursing for at least one year.

Easier to digest – Your breast milk is designed for your baby’s new sensitive digestive system. The amount of proteins and fats in your breast milk is individualized for your baby’s needs.

Less constipation – Since breast milk has a natural laxative effect, infants who breastfeed will rarely become constipated.

Convenience – With breastfeeding there is no worry about keeping bottles and nipples clean, carrying bottled milk and keeping it at the proper temperature. Breast milk is always ready to use and is always the perfect temperature.

Economical – Breast milk is free! Bottle-feeding can get expensive with the cost of formula, bottles and nipples.

Health Benefits for the Mother – Breastfeeding creates a surge of the hormones in your body, which helps your uterus to contract and shrink to its pre-pregnant size.

Strong emotional mother-baby bonding – The skin to skin contact and cuddling during breastfeeding creates a strong and special bond between mother and baby.