Medical Services

Family Birth Place: NICU Parent Advisory Board

Mission Statement

The mission of “Mary’s Dream” is to provide support through personal experience and resources to Englewood Hospital and Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (“NICU”) and NICU babies, parents, siblings, families and friends.


Task Force

The Education Task Force will provide nonmedical education to families in the NICU. Through various programs and activities the task force will identify needs of the parents and/or their families and provide resources to accommodate those needs, for example, premie clothing and tips on caring for newborns when they return home, including feeding, bathing and safety. This task force will develop and provide educational materials to NICU parents and families on what to expect while a newborn is in the NICU and when they are discharged to their care.

The Emotional Support Task Force will assist NICU families through a most difficult time. Services will include one-on-one, group and on-site emotional support to current NICU parents and families. Transportation and on-site childcare services will enable parents and family members to spend quality time with their newborns. Guidance is also provided on how to communicate the NICU experience to parents, siblings, family and friends.

The Fundraising Task Force will conduct activities and hold special events designed to develop financial resources to support the special needs of the NICU and to ensure the comfort of NICU babies, parents, siblings, families and friends. Donors may contribute items included on the NICU “Wish List” or make financial contributions directly to the NICU Fund c/o Englewood Hospital and Medical Center Foundation.

Wish List:

  • Preemie Developmental Calendars

  • Premature Infant Positioning Tools

  • Read aloud books

  • Infant Warmer with Elevating Base

  • NICU Graduate T-Shirts/Onesies

  • Preemie car seats


  • Digital Camera

  • Color Printer

  • Coloring Books

  • Kangaroo Chair

  • “High” chairs

  • TV/DVD/VCR for Family Room