Medical Services

Family Birth Place: The Antepartum Testing Center: 201-894-3669

While the most likely outcome is a normal pregnancy, approximately 3% of all births are complicated by a major birth defect and many more pregnancies are complicated by other maternal or fetal problems.

We are located in room 4213 of Englewood Hospital and Medical Center.

New patients can save time by filling out their forms in advance (download here).

What Makes Our Program Special?

Specialists in our Antepartum Testing Center combine medical expertise with the latest technology to provide the greatest available accuracy in prenatal diagnosis of possible birth defects and management of other maternal or fetal problems.

Distinct from other radiology testing areas, the Antepartum Testing Center is dedicated solely to the concerns of pregnant women and fetal evaluation. Extra time is provided to answer each patient’s questions and address individual concerns. Each patient meets with a physician with specialized training in maternal-fetal medicine. Our team works together with the patient’s obstetrician to ensure the best possible outcome for mother and baby.

What Tests Are Offered?

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester ultrasound

  • Complete fetal anatomic assessment

  • Nuchal translucency screening

  • Endovaginal ultrasound

  • Genetic ultrasound

  • Amniocentesis

  • Chorionic Villus Sampling

  • Noness testing

  • Biophysical profiles

  • Doppler velocimetry

  • 4-D ultrasound

  • Fetal echocardiography

  • Perinatal consultation

  • Certified obstetric genetic counseling and testing

When Will I Get Test Results?

Test results are usually available immediately. These tests are then explained to the patient and shared with the patient’s obstetrician.

Ultrasound Service

Accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, our ultrasound service provides the highest standard of care.

About Our Staff

Our highly specialized team includes board certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists, registered perinatal songraphers, and a certified genetic counselor. In addition, through our affiliation with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, board certified Pediatric Cardiologists provide fetal echocardiography. If necessary, we will facilitate arrangements for the parents to meet with other appropriate pediatric sub-specialists in advance of delivery.