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Palliative Care: 201-894-3595

At Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, we are dedicated to providing compassionate care to our patients and their families. In an attempt to further our commitment to excellence in compassionate medicine, our Palliative Care team is pleased to offer its services to patients who are living with chronic and/or potentially life-threatening illnesses.

For an FAQ on Palliative Care, click here.

About Our Team:
The Pain Management and Palliative Care Team at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is under the direction of Jeffrey A. Gudin, M.D. Medical Director of Pain and Palliative Care, board certified in anesthesia, pain, palliative and hospice medicine, addiction medicine, and is a medical acupuncturist. The Palliative Team consists of highly trained and board certified anesthesiologists, oncologists, physiatrists, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, child life specialists and Chaplin services.

Tools from the American Cancer Society

Cancer-Related Pain: A Guide for Patients and Caregivers.
A patient video and companion patient guidebook with pain diary.  Note, this guidebook contains graphics and multiple colors – an alternative guide is listed below.

Pain Control: A Guide for Cancer Patients and Their Loved Ones
Downloadable guide for patients. Does not contain graphics and can be printed in black and white.