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Pancreas, Biliary and Liver Center: 201-894-3331

Cancers of the liver, pancreas and bile ducts are complex.  Early diagnosis is often challenging, evaluation is extensive, and treatment and care plans are frequently intricate and require the input of many different sub specialists.

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center now offers multidisciplinary, specialized care for patients diagnosed with liver and pancreatic cancer.  Drs. Avram Cooperman, Andrew de la Torre, Justin Steele and Michael Wayne, nationally recognized leaders in the surgical management of these tumors, have joined the Englewood Hospital medical staff and helped to form the new Pancreas, Biliary and Liver Center. These surgeons draw upon decades of experience treating complex and unusual gastrointestinal (GI) cases and involvement with investigative protocols and treatment for liver and pancreatic diseases.  The Center brings together the gastroenterologists, oncologists, radiation oncologists, interventional radiologists, pathologists and other physicians and surgeons at Englewood Hospital to identify and provide the optimal treatment strategy for each patient with gastrointestinal cancer. A unique service also offers patients genetic and molecular evaluation that helps to predict tumor therapy.

Our goal is to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients,” said Dr. Herbert Dardik, Chief of Surgery at Englewood Hospital. “Our GI cancer experts work together to identify therapies based on a consensus of experience to make certain that every patient has an optimal treatment plan and receives every appropriate therapy. This means patients benefit from the combined expertise of many of the best GI cancer specialists in the country. 

“Englewood Hospital’s Pancreas, Biliary and Liver Center provides a wealth of experience in all aspects of digestive disease cancer care as well as every effective treatment option to offer patients the highest chances of success against their disease,” said Dr. Barry Zingler, Section Chief of Gastroenterology at Englewood Hospital. 

The Pancreas, Biliary and Liver Center is a unique amalgamation of experienced physicians, supportive nursing and administrative personnel that provide state of the art treatment and care.  Together, the experts apply the latest advances in the field to screening, prevention, diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment and rehabilitation.
To schedule an appointment at the The Pancreas, Biliary and Liver Center at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, call 201-894-3331.