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Robotic Surgery at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

The da Vinci® Si HD Surgical System

In August 2009, the da Vinci® Si HD system was implemented at Englewood Hospital. This 3D high definition system and ergonomic surgeon console provides surgeons with enhanced vision and technical capabilities.

It is the only system of its kind able to provide surgeons with control, range of motion, and fine tissue manipulation through a small 1- to 2-centimeter incision.

Ergonomic controls allow surgeons to sit comfortably while performing the most complex operations. These features, in combination with Englewood Hospital’s minimally invasive approach to surgery, produce outcomes equal or better than conventional open surgeries that require a larger incision.

The benefits of da Vinci® minimally invasive robotic surgery include:

• Better clinical outcomes
• Faster return to normal daily activities
• Less blood loss and scarring
• Shorter recovery time
• Significantly less pain

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