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Student Nurse Extern Program (SNEP)

We regret that the Student Nurse Externship Program will not be available for Summer 2012.

The Student Nurse Extern Program, approved by the New Jersey Board of Nursing, is a ten (10) week program specifically designed to utilize the knowledge and expertise of the Junior Nursing Student in the clinical area.

The Student Nurse Extern performs nursing care and documentation under the guidance of a preceptor.  Orientation is designed to assist the Student Nurse Extern in meeting the requirements of the job description, and it consists of classroom, clinical and observational experiences. Classes are scheduled from 8a-4p, and the clinical days and observational experiences are from 7a-3p. House Wide Orientation is on the first day of the program from 8:30a-4:30pm.   

The educational program utilizes the expertise of the hospital staff in the areas of risk management, care coordination, wound care, radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, infection control, ostomy care, pain management, library services, cardiac program, bioethics, diabetes program, nutrition, and Bloodless Medicine Program.

Experiences are scheduled during the clinical rotations throughout the hospital.