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The Herbert Dardik Vascular Fellowship Program at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Vascular Surgery Fellowship Program Clinical Highlights

Endovascular Surgery

The vascular surgery team provides cutting-edge, multidisciplinary care for a variety of vascular disorders amenable to percutaneous treatment. Approximately 1000 diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are performed annually. The vascular surgery fellow interacts directly with the attending staff in making appropriate management decisions.

Vascular Laboratory

The ICAVL-approved Vascular Laboratory annually performs more than 8,000 procedures including diagnostic procedures for arterial and venous systems and therapeutic procedures such as induction of thrombosis in pseudoaneurysms.

Vascular Clinic

The junior and senior vascular fellows and surgical residents staff the Vascular Clinic. Throughout the two years, fellows receive exposure to a range of clinical patient experiences. The socioeconomic, ethnic, and racial diversity of the communities the Medical Center serves translates into an excellent clinical learning opportunity for fellows.

Wound Care Center

Since the Wound Care Center opened in 1994, the Center has treated more than 1,000 patients with chronic wounds and enjoyed an 80 percent success rate —well above the national average—with these patients. Among the Center’s services is hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which promotes faster healing with difficult and challenging wounds.

Clinical Research

The vascular fellows participate in clinical research projects covering such areas as the evaluation of biologic graft materials, assessments of various adjunctive methods to obtain better graft patency, the evaluation of tourniquet control for vascular surgery, studies in cell-saving and acute normovolemic hemodilution and evaluation of platelet rich plasma for acceleration of wound healing.

Laboratory Research

A full-time researcher and microvascular specialist supervise an animal research facility that offer vascular fellows an opportunity to participate in research projects addressing such areas as arterial bypass reconstruction with fistulas, vascular allograft studies, and methods to prevent intimal hyperplasia.